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The Franking Machine Museum

Photo Gallery

Neopost "Fixed Value" Restoration Neopost "Fixed Value" Restoration Before 104287918 Before 104287919 Before 104287920 Before 104287921 Before - close-up 104287922 Upper cover removed 104287923 Lower cover removed and paint stripped 104287924 Inking mechanism and printing drum 104287925 104287926 104287927 104287928 104287929 104287930 Nearly finished A new carrying handle was made. 104287931 Nearly finished Compare this with photo 5. 104287932 Complete Extra parts, including three locking devices to hold the detachable meter, have been fitted. 104288034 Replica dataplate A replica dataplate was made based on an original from another machine. This was later fitted to the restored machine. 104287917